Overseas Property – The Beautiful City of Bath

Many come to Bath for its affordable houses for sale and prime commercial properties, but the stunning architectural beauty of this South West city is what really brings in the money. Boasting a World Heritage status due to its still intact Roman-built baths, this Somerset town attracts a steady 4 million visitors on a yearly basis. You’ll obviously want a sneak peek at the Roman Baths museum, which houses one of the greatest religious spas in the world.

Here, Roman soldiers would gather to celebrate the local deity Sulis Minerva, a Celtic-Roman syncretic figure meant to facilitate the integration of the Celtic community within the Roman Empire. The very origin of the expression “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” is a testament to their legacy of incorporating local customs wherever they went, as well as to their versatility in what concerns customs and traditions. Although everyone had to abide by their law and ruling, they were keenly aware that each territory had its way of life.

This feature was a great part of the reason why their culture managed to encompass such formidable civilizations and breadths of land, from Britannia to Mauretania, from Hispania to Mesopotamia. So what are the top places you simply must see before buying property in Bath? Scroll down to find out. The Royal Crescent One of the city’s most iconic landmarks is the Royal Crescent, a row of no less than thirty Georgian-style Grade I listed properties overlooking Royal Victoria Park.

Now, you can also see what it’s like to live here by booking a room at the Royal Crescent Hotel & Spa. Many films and period dramas were shot here, including Jane Austen’s Persuasion and the Keira Knightley’s The Duchess, which further adds to the location’s aura. An iconic moment in the history of the region took place back in 1970, when one resident chose to paint her door yellow rather than the traditional white. Luckily, Miss Wellesley-Colley survived no less than two enforcement orders from the local city council, while also defending her decision at a public enquiry.

A testament to her boldness, eloquence, and free spirit, this one yellow door sticks out from the crowd. If you want someone to help you brave the local market like Miss Wellesley-Colley did with the council, look no further than Pritchard’s, only the best investment property in Bath. Bath Abbey Honey-gold stone columns surround the wondrous stained-glass windows of Bath Abbey. A place of Christian worship for over 12 centuries, the Abbey continues to fulfil its sacred duty to this day.

You can attend service here any day of the week. While here, don’t forget to take a good look at the distinctive ladder of Angels, a marvel of architecture that reflects Oliver King’s dream of angels descending and ascending. We’ll also let you in on a tip: the daily tower tours give you a chance to sit behind the Abbey’s massive tower clock, as well as stand on top of its vaulted ceiling. Talk about a full perspective! Sally Lunn’s House Lastly, you simply cannot miss out on Bath’s oldest house.

This location encompasses some of the best things this town has to offer. Sally Lunn’s kitchen and bakery date as far back as the early 17 th century, while one of the ovens there was estimated to be as old as the 12 th century, nearly a millennium old! The buns sold here are world famous and, if you happen to be in need of refreshment, you’re spared from paying the entrance fee. This is part of a continuing archaeological site which has thus far revealed the sole remains of the city’s medieval period.