How to Control Diabetes Naturally

Diabetes is a disease that can go out of hand if you do not take proper care of yourself. It needs regular monitoring of blood sugar levels and a good deal of order and hygiene in daily life to live a healthy life when you are a diabetic condition. Along with proper administration of insulin and other medicine, it is advisable to buy a glucometer so that you can do blood sugar level check at least twice every day. Download a diabetes management app in your phone so you can keep tabs on the blood sugar levels on a monthly or weekly basis. They can provide detailed charts of the variation in sugar levels so you can adjust your lifestyle accordingly.

But with higher insulin doses, the risk of side effects too increases. The question that arises is how to control diabetes naturally, without the use of all the allopathic medicines. Going back to the healthy living style as professed by the Ayurvedic textbooks can be the best solution in this case. Prepare yourself for a diabetic diet and set up a daily routine of exercises suited for diabetes management.

The link between diabetes and exercises can be tagged as directly proportional. When you work out more, the better fit you stay and more normal will be your blood sugar levels. Yoga, the ancient Indian technique for healthy living, has been found the best cure for diabetes. The Yogasanas, specifically the Artha matsyendriyasanaand Vrikshasana, are made to stimulate insulin production in the body and reduce fat. They and more similar asanascan help you maintain normalcy in life even with a diabetic condition. However, Yoga should be practiced under the supervision of instructors till you learn the proper positioning of the body.

Diabetes weight loss is a common symptom among patients. To cope with this, and other effects as manifested in your body as a result of high blood sugar levels, you ought to follow a diet plan for diabetes. A healthy diet plan for a diabetic patient includes fresh fruits, green and leafy vegetables, especially broccoli, chromium and magnesium containing food items, apple cider vinegar supplements, spices such turmeric, cinnamon and lots and lots of water. You can also include special diabetic diet recipes to ensure an all-round healthy eating habit. Cut down on the high carb foods and those that have a high glycemic index. While it is okay to savor sweets in small quantities, it is never too good to have a lot.

Drinking water is the easiest way to get rid of blood sugar. Higher water content leads to the production of higher quantities of urine through which the sugars in the body are excreted. This means there won’t be excess sugars accumulating in your blood.

Thus you will stay healthy and strong for longer periods of time.