5 Yoga Asanas To Get Instant Energy

A long day of work is no reason to feel restless. Try not to give the brain a chance to deplete, powerless knees, and slurred speech get to you and put you down. To be able to beam with energy throughout the day and bounce back the coming day with similar life and energy, resort to yoga asanas. Read below to know about them.

Yoga generates and provides energies in your bones through asanas. There is latent cosmic energy within each one of us that the asanas awaken. They establish and maintain energies in your body making yoga the go-to natural energy-booster that breaks down parts of energy stored along with the length of your body. Its uniqueness lies in awakening all the systems in your body and bringing a new life to them. See the following yoga poses that will help you build energy instantly.

Camel Pose

Backbends help to stretch your spine and open the front of your body, which are often tight from the hallmark slouch that we develop from poor posture and lots of screen time. Camel helps open all of these tight areas, increase spine flexibility and release stored energy.

Shoulder / Head / Hand Stand

Any way you can, get upside down. This improves fresh blood flow and oxygen to the brain removes gravitational stress from our organs and revitalizes your whole body through a fresh new aspect. It also takes confidence and concentration which kick begins those happy hormones and excitement levels.


Find Your Balance in Tree Pose. Tree pose is one move that can help you de-stress and develop physical and mental balance.

Start with your feet together, rooted to the ground, and slowly raise one foot. Rest it on your calf or thigh (not your knee). Your hands go from prayer position, straight up, and above your shoulders. Trees sway and so will you – but you’ll get stronger with practice. Repeat on the other leg.


Relax Into Child’s Pose. Whenever you want to feel calm and relaxed, try slipping into child’s pose. Kneel with your toes flat on the floor and sit back on your heels. Move your knees about hip distance apart. Place your upper body forward with your arms stretching out in front of you. Rest your forehead on the floor and breathe deeply.

Wheel Pose

Wheel Pose is a challenging back pose that is section of the Ashtanga Yoga program. Do this asana for at least 1-4 minutes for the best effects. The best time to choose this basic yoga posture is in the morning after you cleanse your bowels and before you start your breakfast. In fact, this is one of the best morning yoga poses for an energy boost.

These are some of the yoga poses that will help you to boost your body energy.  For more details about these yoga poses, you can seek advice from our trained and experienced yoga teachers in Rishikesh or you can also learn everything about yoga and fitness from our cheap and affordable yoga teacher training course in Rishikesh.

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