6 Tips To Prevent Asthma Triggers

Asthma is a respiratory system related to the disease. It occurs when our lungs get blocked by mucus and make breathing difficult. Due to asthma, the chest feel tightens and it seems like lungs are producing wheezing sound.

But asthma attacks can be controlled if the proper routine is followed and good surrounding is maintained. People who are suffering from asthma and experiencing frequent attacks should consult their doctors and change their lifestyle.

A good lifestyle and maintained indoor condition can significantly reduce asthma attacks. To maintain a good indoor atmosphere, you can install air conditioning Sydney. It helps in reducing asthma triggers.  In this article, we will discuss a few steps to keep the condition of an asthma patient under control.

1. Find Out The Source Of Trigger

If you want to stop your asthma attacks then the first thing you should do- identify the triggers. If you figure out the cause then you can easily protect yourself from an adverse situation. Symptoms of asthma attacks are coughing, wheezing, difficulty breathing.

Therefore, whenever these symptoms appear to try to find out the reason behind the attack. This is the right way to protect the asthma patient. Keep tracking the causes behind the asthma attacks. Note down all the symptoms in your diary.

Keep monitoring for several weeks and make sure that you include all environmental and emotional factors as well. Whenever you face an asthma attack, open your diary and find out the factors that are responsible for these attacks. Various asthma triggers are not common.

If you have identified all the causes of your asthma attack, you can easily lookout for various ways to decrease the number of asthma triggers. Some of the common reasons behind asthma triggers are air pollution, allergies, the flu virus, smoke, etc

2. Make A Perfect Plan

Consult a doctor and create a perfect plan to fight against asthma. Make sure that the plan should be based on important information collected in the previous step. This plan should include proper medication, good lifestyle, proper diet to control your asthma symptoms in the long run.

Usually, asthma control plans are categorized into 3 different colored zones – green, yellow and red. These different helps to monitor the severity of your symptoms.  Asthma is an ongoing condition that needs continuous monitoring and good treatment.

3. Make Your Area Allergy-Proof

If you receive asthma triggers due to some allergic substances then reduce the exposure to those elements. Continuous expose to allergic substances can increase the amount of inflammation of the airways and increase the probability of an asthma attack.

The best way to get rid of asthma attacks due to allergic elements is to reduce exposure to these substances as much as possible. Make your environment energy proof by following ways:

Install top quality air conditioner like ducted air conditioning Sydney in your room and get rid of all type of allergens.

You can also take help of dehumidifier that maintains the moisture level and stop the formation of mold inside your house.

Clean your floor with the help of vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter and avoid the accumulation of pollen, dirt, dust, and allergens.

4. Keep Yourself Away From Smoking Zones

Smoke always worse the condition of an asthma patient. If asthma sufferer inhales smoke then it can instantly trigger an asthma attack and block the air path. Make sure that you keep yourself away from smoking. Avoid all sources of smoke, such as tobacco, incense, candles, and fire. Follow these tips you may wish to follow some of these tips:

·         Never allow anyone to smoke in your home or car.

·         Always travel in a no-smoking room

·         Take vaccination for flu

5. Do Regular Excercise

Exercise not just prevent you from asthma attacks but also keep your body fit and healthy. The main objective of asthma treatment is to help you in sustaining a normal life. 

Therefore, regular exercise and physical activities play a vital role. For instance, swimming is usually well-tolerated by most asthma sufferers because it is mainly executed while breathing warm and moist air. Swimming is one of the best exercises that help in maintaining the fitness of the body.

6. Always Prepare Yourself

Preparing yourself in advance is always helpful. In addition to preventing yourself from asthma, you should also