Comparison of hearing aids prices and other electronics

One of the most frequent comments we hear from our readers is that hearing aids are too expensive. The fact that hearing aids are expensive is not in dispute, but a reader got our attention with an email regarding our recent article about the hearing aids prices in India. He suggested we had not taken certain factors into account in our comparison of hearing aids and consumer electronics.

Some people think that there is a relationship exists between the purchase of the iPhone and economics of equipment. I think you left out a significant bit of information people should think about. There are hidden fees associated with an iPhone that you didn’t mention. Most people don’t realize what they actually spend to use modern technology. I feel that in discussing the services related to hearing devices it is also important to remind the reader that the purchase of an iPhone is not the end of the cost of use. With other technology people buy merchandise but have after-purchase service fees to use the technology. With hearing devices, that is an upfront cost that misleads people into thinking it is expensive. What are they actually spending to use their phone? They think of what they paid for the phone but rarely consider the long-term cost they incur just to own it.”

The reader had a good point. So we thought it would be worth taking another look at some common electronics and services and comparing those costs to that of hearing aids over the same period of time. Bear in mind, however, that the costs of these goods and services can and do vary from company to company, so we have presented average costs to the best of our ability.

In order to present an accurate comparison, we will use as a jumping-off point the average age at which a person first begins using hearing aids, which is age 74. For the sake of argument (and based on actuarial tables), we will assume the average life span beyond age 74