Benefits of B2B Travel Portal for Your Travel Business

The travel industry has been tremendously pro-life rating its wings for many decades and it will continue to do so in future too. Each millennial traveler has their own sets of needs and requirements and it is not a trivial job to gratify the needs of this huge population. To cater to the increasing and frequently changing needs of the customers, companies associated with the travel industry should come up to trade some business together. For example, if you are a travel agent, you must need access to the travel service and products to further sell them to your customers. For that, you must collaborate with the travel content suppliers like airlines, hoteliers, bus operators, car rental companies etc. Without proper partnership, you won’t be able to get access to the services. Here we understand the prominence of B2B travel portal. Regardless of what sort of business you are associated with, the idea of B2B business is helping in the development and better connections. No doubt, there are some other important factors which have induced the fume of the travel industry, but B2B or business to business solution helps the travel agent to excel to their travel business and make the travel product and services accessible to them. Modern travel agencies are well-equipped with the widest array of data on various travel services and this has been made possible through B2B business lead. It not only connects agencies and customers to more ground based travel solutions across the world, but also empowers you to amplify your business by consolidating with more effective features to proffer your clients a better experience.


Key features of B2B white label are as follows:

  • Maximize productivity of business
  • Manages rate and B2B partners- both front office and back office
  • Strong security layers to safe gourd the activities of online business
  • Support multi-location environment
  • Multi-currency support
  • Dashboard for admin user and sub agent admin
  • Admin control panel and agent profile creation
  • Reservation history
  • Real time online search and booking of flights, hotels, car rentals etc.
  • Negotiated fare booking engine and dynamic packaging implementation
  • Flexible features
  • Commission and mark-up settings against each supplier

The travel industry as I have already mentioned above is burgeoning at a lightning speed and the easy connectivity and convenience of the supply and distribution network is the reason behind the enhancement. The travel industry is one of the most promising and highest profit earning business currently ruling the commercial sector of the world. It is a business that asks for less investment but smart implementation of business strategy. B2B white label travel website helps in sparing time and cost for business by diminishing manual labor and physical setups and also helps in conveying financially savvy answers for business.